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Why is Event Logging so important in TSCM now?

Event logging in TSCM involves the systematic recording and analysis of various events, activities, and anomalies within an area under investigation.

Many of the systems we see online today for TSCM do not have Event Logging Functionality.

Most TSCM systems sold in security & electronics retailers today, focus solely on the Live Sweep Systems.

Event Logging systems were originally standalone systems that were reserved for the most advanced TSCM providers.

The growing need for Event Logging systems has prompted many TSCM manufacturers to develop new systems to accommodate the new threat landscape.

Recently, manufacturers have began developing systems with built in event logging functionality.

A TSCM Specialist will use a range of devices for different tasks when performing a TSCM sweep.  

Combining the ability to perform live sweeps and event logging with the same device is a gamechanger for the technical counter surveillance market and has long been overdue.

Why Now, what has changed ?

Technology has made massive strides over the last 5 years, everything from a doorbell to a security camera can now be remotely controlled.

These are features that everyone has become accustomed to, the ability to remotely control a device via a phone or app is commonplace.

These types of functionalities lend themself well to every corporations worst nightmare; Unauthorized Eavesdropping Devices.

Event Logging TSCM detectors with the ability to perform both Event Logging and Live Sweep Detection have become more important than ever in the TSCM industry.

TSCM Investigators and Security professionals who understand the importance of Event Logging as a Proactive approach to TSCM can learn more about the types of systems currently available.

Below we detail specs, sizes, performance and pricing for the three most competitive systems available to buy in the USA.

The following 3 systems are Live Sweep with on board Event Logging Functionality:


Privacy Online is virtually impossible in today’s digitally driven world.

Many of the major Internet browsers provide privacy-based options but most, if not all, have strings attached.

Many browsers and secure VPN claim to provide total privacy.

Unfortunately, just not to the extent most people need when you really need Privacy.

Read more to understand how anyone can achieve total privacy online.


In 2019 PBN-TEC introduced the Capturra Drive into the Digital Investigation kit.

This inclusion has been a revelation for the Law Enforcement and Investigation Industry for close to 4 years.

When the Pandemic began in 2020 hundreds of Investigation agencies began enquiring about Digital tools to continue with Investigations.

The Digital Investigation Kit provided Investigation agencies with a way to continue Investigations, from a Digital standpoint, a route many agencies had not taken suddenly turned into the only option.

One tool within the kit that many agencies were not aware of was the latest addition, the Capturra Drive with 1TB of storage space. 

Read more to learn how the Capturra Drive captures important photo and video content from any digital device, automatically.


Cam Vox Cameras by PBN-TEC were introduced to the Law Enforcement and Investigations market in 2022.

Our aim was to introduce a range of Video recording devices which provided excellent long term recording capabilities.

Cam Vox solutions are currently a range of 4 different systems built for various uses by LE and Investigators.

Each system is built with the same solid performance, the idea of Cam Vox was excellent video recording capabilities combined with long term deployment at the center of design.

There are currently 4 Cam Vox Solutions and each one is built for a different need but all Cam Vox Solutions boast impressive perfromance stats that set them apart from many other Digital Video recording devices in the market.


Technology has created many new ways to keep us connected and safe in today’s world, and when it comes to children, there are more advanced tools that parents can now take advantage of to keep their children safe in the digital world.

Cell phone monitoring is an extremely effective method for keep a watchful eye over your children.

An invasive tool but is it really crossing the line when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of your children?

Below we have made a list of the Pro’s & Cons of Cell Phone Monitoring for Children.