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Event Logging TSCM Systems – Review of 3 TSCM Event Logging Systems

Event Logging TSCM Systems - Review of 3 TSCM Event Logging Systems

Event Logging TSCM detectors with the ability to perform both Event Logging and Live Sweep Detection have become more important than ever in the TSCM industry.

TSCM Investigators and Security professionals who understand the importance of Event Logging as a Proactive approach to TSCM can learn more about the types of systems currently available.

Below we detail specs, sizes, performance and pricing for the three most competitive systems available to buy in the USA.

The following 3 systems are Live Sweep with on board Event Logging Functionality:


WAM-X-25 Wireless Activity Monitor

With a frequency range of 0-14 GHz and a very comprehensive display with advanced information relating to device detection.

The WAM-X-25 is a widely regarded system, designed in the UK and used worldwide since 2022.

Impressive memory for Event logging on the WAM-X-25 allows for upto 10’000 events to be logged.

To view the logs users either insert a USB drive into the device to offload data or view the reports directly from the screen of the device.

The WAM-Z-X-25 is a great system built with the most professional TSCM users in mind, this type of system comes at a cost that makes it out of reach for many and too expensive to leave unmanned to perform unmanned overnight event logging of a high value location.

At $15,795, users will get a great device for Live Sweep Analysis and the size of just 230mm wide and only 2.2 lbs. in weight makes it a fairy portable and travel friendly option.

Need more info on WAM-X-25 – Visit a reseller of this system in the US, using the link below:

Andre Deluxe

No TSCM product review would be complete without mentioning the leading manufacturer in the US, REI.

Andre Deluxe is the answer to the Event Logging emergence from REI, with a range of 10 KHz upto 12 GHz and multiple antennas combined with event logging functionality onboard.

Andre is also super light based on the handheld device, weighing no more than 300 grams, once antennas and batteries are inserted weight increases but still overall a very lightweight and travel friendly system.

This system includes a ton of antennas and accessories that puts the overall case weight of this system to over 12 lbs.

Price point for the Andre Deluxe is approximately $7995.00, important note is there are a number of Andre versions available and the only one which is supplied with Event logging capability is Andre Deluxe.

We have reviewed the Andre Deluxe via several sources, we can confirm it has Event Logging software included, we do not see any details provided for how many event logs it can store.

Offload of logs can be achieved by connecting to a PC.

A good option to consider, price wise the device is still a little on the high side for unmanned event logging tasks but compared to many other REI devices which cost upwards of $25’000;

A step in the right direction.

Need more info on the Andre Deluxe? see the link below.



This sleek ultra lightweight device has been built with Event Logging at the centre of its design.

BH04 PRO is also a great Live sweep system with a slightly smaller range than the other two systems above, with a range of 10 KHz upto 8 GHz the BH04 PRO is more than equipped to detect all the latest frequencies including 5G transmissions.

When we were looking for Event Logging systems one thing, we wanted to underline was the ability to leave the device on site unmanned.

TSCM professionals are often faced with difficult discussions with clients regarding security of systems onsite. 

To truly understand the RF landscape of a high value location, you need event logging of the location around the clock, this is often performed pre sweep and post sweep.

The difficulty with this for many TSCM Investigators is leaving a high value piece of kit onsite, if you are unable to agree on the security of the system at a client location, this can means not performing the event logging or having to stay overnight to perform an automatic task.

At just $1890, the BH04 PRO is extremely competitive, the design of this device is also amazing, an aluminum housing, extremely well built and will not pose issues for TSCM specialists who want to leave the system onsite, unmanned.

Ideal for Corporate Security professionals who are tasked with continual recuring sweep analysis.

The device connects direct to any PC/MAC/Linux and auto generates PDF reports of the event logging, extremely useful for team distribution and tracking purposes.

Finally, whilst the BH04 PRO may not be your go to piece of kit for other tasks, it will certainly prove to be a trusted plan B in the event you are unable to use a full kit of TSCM devices, extremely travel friendly device weighing less than 350 grams.

Need more info on BH04 PRO?

Visit this reseller for enhanced information prior to purchase.