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BHX – Expert Professional Live Scanning TSCM Detector with Built-In Frequency Meter


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  • ELECTRONICALLY SCANS ROOM for hidden wireless microphones and transmitting cameras.
  • Expert detection tool lets you quickly locate hidden devices and identify the surveillance technology being used.
  • Super-fast processor gives you rapid results covering a much wider range of modern bugs.
  • DETECTS RF SIGNALS with a built-in Frequency Meter.
  • Quickly locates devices revealing their frequency band.
  • Great for scanning your hotel room, office, home, meeting room and vehicle.
  • Detection range is up to 16 feet in all directions. When set to Security Mode
  • Light weight of 3.9 oz and compact dimensions 4.1 x 2.3 x 0.7 in.


The Expert frequency detector can be used by individuals or security professionals as an effective tool for simultaneously detection and analysis; identifying devices that emit waves between 10 and 3500 MHz such as GSM 2G 3G 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT frequencies.

The detector packs the latest technologies for even faster and more accurate detection.

It will help you detect electronic devices emitting waves: GPS beacon, wireless micro spy devices, Wi-Fi transmitter, smartphone, tablets and jammer systems.

Detect GSM frequencies upto 50 Metres away & 5 meters for other radio transmissions.

The small form factor of this device allows it to be used for all types of security threat assessments; quick covert assessment, outdoor assessment (GPS).

The Expert TSCM Bug Detector is a complete tool in a tiny form factor.

Specifications – PBN-BHX

Products details PBN-BHX Live Scanning TSCM Detector
Dimensions, mm 105 x 58 x 18,5 (4 x 2,3 x 0,7 in)
Device weight with batteries, kg (3,9 oz)
Power consumption, W 0,6
Frequency range, MHz 10-3500 MHz
Sensitivity, mV / m 50
Dynamic range, dB, up to 70
Detector range effective, m 5 (16,4 ft)
Detection range in guard mode, m 50 (164 ft)
DC supply voltage two batteries AAA type (charge from the 220V main via adapter)
Battery life
  • up to 400 hours for regular battery.
  • up to 500 hours for rechargeable battery.
  • Frequency range detected from 10 to 3500 MHz

o   Frequency detection:

o   GSM 2G / 3G / 4G

o   Wi-Fi

o   Bluetooth

o   Dect

  • 4 signalling modes:

o   Graphic on OLED screen (visual)

o   Sound (2 types of noise) with or without headphones

o   Vibration

o   Silent

  • Detection sensitivity control
  • Filters GSM, 3G, 4G, CDMA and Wi-Fi interference

o   You can turn each of these filters on or off for even more accurate detection.

User Groups & Pro-Tips

How to use BHX:

During signal detection, the device will alert you in different modes:

– Visual mode: Viewing the onboard color screen OLED 1.4″, with display of protocols detected: GSM, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, DECT, Bluetooth.
Visual representation of the intensity of the waves detected in logarithmic form over 5 seconds.

– Sound mode: Choose a beep or sound return that will be heard during signal detection, the closer you get to the signal, the faster the beep or return will be.

– Vibration mode: The device vibrates when signal detection exceeds the selected sensitivity threshold.

– Silent mode: Use the headset provided to listen to the beep frequency, the closer you get to the signal, the faster the beep will be.

Detection tip in an Office/Home

To detect an unauthorized device in an office/home:

Before you start inspecting the environment, please disable all known devices emitting waves (GSM smartphone, Wi-Fi router, wireless phone, etc.).

Turn of all electrical items and find all digital devices such as phones, tablets and laptops and turn them off, performing this type of sterilization method will ensure you yield less false positive alerts

When you have turned off (unplugged) all these devices, turn on the wave detector.

Deploy the antenna and then start inspecting any areas for unauthorized transmissions.

Set the sensitivity to the highest. Be mindful that the detection of Wi-Fi and GSM 3G 4G waves may be strong because other devices in the surrounding locations are on and you may not have access to disable them.

Continue to inspect until the device detects a wave (transmission).

Then get closer to the source by lowering the sensitivity, until you find the electronic equipment that is emitting.

See the videos tab on this page for a video on how the device reacts as it gets closer to unauthorized transmissions.

GPS Detection tip – Vehicle Inspection

To detect a GPS emitter, we advise that you to place the vehicle in a neutral zone (empty parking, fields, Park, etc.), then disable (turn off) known wireless emission sources such as mobile phones, etc.

It is important to isolate the vehicle away from busy RF environments in order to ensure less false positive alerts.

Turn on the BHX, erect the antenna and then start inspecting your vehicle. If no wave is detected, we advise you to move the vehicle whilst leaving the wave detector on.

Some GPS trackers are on standby when the vehicle is not moving and as soon as they begin moving the GPS will be activated.

Continue to inspect until the device detects a wave (transmission).

Get closer to the source by lowering the sensitivity, until you find where the electronic device is emitting from on your vehicle.

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Requirements & FAQ


See Individual Product Pages for Requirements Info.



BHX Datasheet