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Photosphere 512GB

MAP-PRICE: $269.00

  • Private Photo & Video Management
  • Store Content by Place, Person & Time Automatically
  • Storage for over 100,000 Images
  • Save over 230 Hours of Video Content
  • Plug & Play System
  • Hard Wires into your WIFI Router
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Trusted by Hundreds of clients domestically and internationally.


What you need when you need it.


Support hours:

Monday to Friday


Orders received by 1PM MST go out the same day for all US clients.

All Orders ship from our Head Office location in Draper, Utah


PBN-TEC adopt a strict MAP pricing policy

PhotoSphere is your own cloud at home. A device you can connect to all your devices and keep all your important Photos & Videos in one place. Safe at home.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows & Mac operating systems, PhotoSphere can store all photos and videos no matter which device you are using.

Connect as many devices to PhotoSphere as you need. Connect your families’ devices as guest accounts. PhotoSphere Home edition has 512GB of storage space.

Photosphere gives you a cloud experience in Private, combining security and convenience without monthly costs. You own your own Cloud at home.

Photosphere is designed to protect your privacy and help you organize all your Photo & Videos automatically.

Access your content privately. No spam marketing, no creepy trackers, no selling of your data and preferences based on your content.

Never pay for a Google storage plan again. No need for any cloud subscriptions for your Photos and Videos, save upto $250 a year on subscription plans per person.


Advanced Management of Photos & Videos – Scroll Free

Tired of scrolling through images to find the image you are looking for?

PhotoSphere allows you to store images based on People, Locations and Date, users can even use the smart AI grouping function which can collate images of the same person or place to review all at once.

Users can even search by Folder Tag. With a couple of clicks you can easily find the Photo you need quickly without scrolling.


Share & Send

Share files using links and invite others to share and contribute to albums.

Inviting others only allows them access to the shared albums you want to share or contribute to.


Free Up Space on Digital Devices and preserve Precious Memories

Get all of your Photos and Videos in one safe place, no matter what device you are using.

Easily access your Photos and Videos from any connected Phone, Tablet or Computer. Just like a cloud, you have access to your Photos and Videos anytime. 


Add Users to PhotoSphere

Save hundreds on storage subscriptions per year in your household. Connect your families’ devices to PhotoSphere.

With space for over 100,000 images or over 230 hours of HD video content, there is enough storage on the home edition for multiple users.

Every user on the PhotoSphere system gets their own Private password protected storage.


Safeguard a Child using a Phone or other Digital device

Parents can automatically ensure all images and videos on a child’s phone are uploaded to PhotoSphere.

Gain oversight of your Child’s device remotely, anytime, easily review the images and videos on your child’s device.


Global Access & Backup

Access your Photo & Video Content from anywhere in the World using your connected device. Easily backup straight to PhotoSphere from anywhere with a WIFI/Cell Signal.


Super Easy Set up – Plugs directly into your WIFI Router

Photosphere uses a hard-wired connection to your WIFI router. This speeds up data transfers of files and keeps your WIFI signal free for other things like streaming and browsing the internet.

Just Plug it in and set up the device in under 2 minutes.



  • Processor: Dual-core Cortex-A7
  • 512GB SATA Drive
  • System Memory: 1GB DDR3
  • Processor Frequency: 1GHz
  • System Flash Memory: 128M NAND Flash
  • Hard Drive: SSD (512GB)/3.5″ SATA (2TB-12TB)
  • USB Port: Type-A, USB 3.2 Gen1 5Gbps
  • RJ-45 1GbE Network Port: 10Mbps/100 Mbps/1000 Mbps adaptive Ethernet
  • Dimensions: 8″ x 6.2″ x 2.1″ (204mm x157mm x 53mm)

User Groups & Pro-Tips

Photosphere Home Edition is a great way to keep safe and accessible copies of all your favorite photos and videos from all your devices.

Unlike like Cloud based services like Google Photo storage and other digital storage providers, Photosphere retains the original quality of your images.

With Photosphere, you own the system, and the encrypted storage is safe and secure.

With enough space to store over 30’000 Images, users can provide access to their friends and family, each user has a pin locked account.

Easily access your Photos and videos from anywhere, providing you have a WIFI/Internet connection, Photosphere users can access their content from anywhere.

Share links to photos and videos just like a cloud system.

Photosphere is a private system, no need to sign up, no long-term rental plans.


Requirements & FAQ


  • Users require a WIFI Router to connect Photosphere to their Network
  • Works with all WIFI Routers


Are there any monthly fees?

No, PhotoSphere is your own hardware device. All the apps are free to use with PhotoSphere.

Does it have Wi-Fi?

No, a hard-wired connection to your WIFI Router allows your WIFI to be used for other devices. This speeds up accessing and backing up content to your PhotoSphere and uses none of your WIFI signal. It also makes setting up PhotoSphere much easier.

Isn't this just an external hard drive?

Not at all. PhotoSphere is more like a mini computer. It has a processor, ram, and file storage. It also has apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS to automatically back up your photos and data and allow you to share with others. A Private Cloud at Home.

What Type of files can I store on Photosphere?

For phones and tablets, it supports all photo and video formats your phone supports.

For computers, it supports all file types, backup everything Digital to PhotoSphere and access it from anywhere

Can this be used as a media server?

Yes, we have tested it with Plex and it works great.

How does it connect to my internet?

PhotoSphere plugs directly into your internet router or Wi-Fi extenders. Then, using the GetPhotoSphere phone app, it detects your PhotoSphere on your network.

Be sure to de-activate any VPN on your phone when connecting to PhotoSphere for the first time.

Also, sometimes, your Wi-Fi network is different than your main internet connection.

Make sure your PhotoSphere is plugged into you Wi-Fi router so both PhotoSphere and your phone are on the same network for initial setup.