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Deep Diving the Capturra 1TB SmartDrive inside the Digital Investigation Kit

Deep Diving the Capturra 1TB SmartDrive inside the Digital Investigation Kit


In 2019 PBN-TEC introduced the Capturra Drive into the Digital Investigation kit.

This inclusion has been a revelation for the Law Enforcement and Investigation Industry for close to 4 years.

When the Pandemic began in 2020 hundreds of Investigation agencies began enquiring about Digital tools to continue with Investigations.

The Digital Investigation Kit provided Investigation agencies with a way to continue Investigations, from a Digital standpoint, a route many agencies had not taken suddenly turned into the only option.

One tool within the kit that many agencies were not aware of was the latest addition, the Capturra Drive with 1TB of storage space.

Read more to learn how the Capturra Drive captures important photo and video content from any digital device, automatically.

Investigator Usage

The Capturra has a wide range of uses for Investigators and can be used in conjunction with many of the other tools inside the Digital Investigation Kit.

Whilst users can use Capturra for many Digital archiving, workflow efficiency tasks, Capturra is also a great tool for Investigative analysis for Photo & Video content.

Photo and Video Content can be found on virtually any device on the planet, this kind of content can be very revealing and provide instant answers just by viewing photos and video content.



Sometimes, the most vital evidence is not what you see in the image.


Images contain a ton of other useful data that can used as evidence and help identify timelines and patterns.

Behind many images on a device an Investigator can acquire some vital information as detailed below:

Photo Geotagging Information:

Many photos contain geolocation data, also known as geotags, which can provide information about where a photo was taken.

This data can be vital for verifying alibis, reconstructing movements, or identifying locations relevant to an investigation.

Evidence Correlation:

Photos from digital devices can be correlated with other types of evidence, such as text messages, call logs, social media posts, and more.

This comprehensive approach can provide a clearer picture of the context surrounding an investigation and these methods are widely used for a range of investigations including Social media investigations.

Statement Verification:

Digital devices can store photos taken by witnesses, victims, or suspects.

These photos might corroborate or contradict statements made by these individuals.


For example, if a suspect claims to have been in a different location at a specific time, their device photos could be checked to verify their claim.

Establishing Timelines:

Photos on digital devices often have automatic timestamp features that record when photos were taken or uploaded.

These timestamps can help establish timelines of events, providing a chronological order of images that can be cross-referenced with other evidence or testimonies.

Works with Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android Computers, iPad, Tablets & Phones

Capturra is Universally Compatible

The Capturra Drive is a universally compatible system with automatic image and video duplication onboard, users can connect the device to PC and Macs directly, automatically duplicate all image and video content on the target device.

For Phones and Tablets users can connect the phone or tablet to a computer, connect the Capturra and point the device at the Phone or tablet’s detected drives and automatically duplicate all content on the device.

Compatible with all types of Phones and Tablets including iPhone, iPad and all Android phones and tablets.

Portable Evidence:

Many agencies and corporate security personnel can process devices and once the duplication is complete, the backed up content can be accessed and analysed directly from the Capturra drive, from anywhere,.

Users can simply take the data away for analysis.

Would it not be easier for someone to just view the Photo & Video Content on the device?


In years gone by, maybe.

Reviewing Photo and video content on a computer or phone ten years ago was easy,  there was one main location for images and videos.

Now, there can be hundreds of locations on a device, especially a phone or tablet, many phones and tablets have app directories which store images independently, computers can store images in places like Cache folders and many other types of folders.

Capturra searches for image and video content across the whole device, automatically.

Manual Inspection Versus Automatic Duplication

To manually inspect a phone for images and video is no easy feat, the vast number of photos stored on a phone makes it difficult to justify manual inspection as a reliable investigative method, here’s why:

Phones have the ability to store thousands of Photos depending on the phone’s memory capacity.

Low Storage Capacity Phones (16GB - 64GB)

On phones with lower storage capacities, the average number of photos stored might range from a few hundred to a couple of thousand photos.

Mid-Range Storage Phones (128GB - 256GB)

Mid Range Phones have the ability to store anywhere between 3000 upto 15000 Images across multiple image directories on the device

High Storage Capacity Phones (512GB and above)

High Range Phones have memory storage similar to that of a computer, users can store hundreds of thousands of photos on on a premium device


Overcome time sensitive tasks using Capturra' s automatic processing​ capabilities

Accessing a target device may be time sensitive so the ability to duplicate content automatically versus checking all the possible locations images and video may be stored, underlines the effectiveness of using Capturra and why it has become an integral part of the Digital Investigation Kit.

Capturra 1TB Smart Drive with Photo and Video duplication software is a primary tool for Digital Investigations and is included in the Digital Investigation Kit.

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