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Why is Event Logging so important in TSCM now?

Why is Event Logging so important in TSCM now?

Event logging in TSCM involves the systematic recording and analysis of various events, activities, and anomalies within an area under investigation.

Many of the systems we see online today for TSCM do not have Event Logging Functionality.

Most TSCM systems sold in security & electronics retailers today, focus solely on the Live Sweep Systems.

Event Logging systems were originally standalone systems that were reserved for the most advanced TSCM providers.

The growing need for Event Logging systems has prompted many TSCM manufacturers to develop new systems to accommodate the new threat landscape.

Recently, manufacturers have began developing systems with built in event logging functionality.

A TSCM Specialist will use a range of devices for different tasks when performing a TSCM sweep.   

“Combining the ability to perform Live Sweeps and Event Logging with the same device

is a gamechanger for the Counter Surveillance market and has long been overdue.”

Why Now, what has changed?

Technology has made massive strides over the last 5 years, everything from a doorbell to a security camera can now be remotely controlled.

These are features that everyone has become accustomed to, the ability to remotely control a device via a phone or app is commonplace.

These types of functionalities lend themself well to every corporations worst nightmare; Eavesdropping devices.


Burst Signal Functionality

When you combine a high-end microphone to a system with remote control functionality which is powered by a connection like WIFI or even a Sim Card, you have a system which in the TSCM industry, is commonly known as a Burst transmitter or burst signal.

This type of Eaves dropping device is the main reason Event Logging TSCM systems have been developed.

Proactive TSCM

Historically, Security conscious businesses would hire TSCM specialists to carry out inspections due to either a planned special event such as an important shareholder meeting or, in response to a security concern, an incident response.

Technology has pushed the need for a more Proactive approach to TSCM, this is why we now see the emergence of Event Logging systems being combined with Live Sweep systems.

The threat of burst transmissions and the rise of insider threats within the workplace has put TSCM firmly in the To-do category for many organizations.

The new approach to TSCM means your organization can be better prepared for any potential security breaches.


Hiring a TSCM Specialist?

When prospecting TSCM companies to protect your organization, it is always advised to request their approach to TSCM, if they can underline the following reasons for a TSCM Sweep, they are recognizing the new approach and factoring the importance of Event logging pre-sweep analysis.

1. Proactive, Recurring Sweeps

2. Special Event Sweeps

3. Incident Response Sweeps.

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