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About Us

PBN-TEC has been supplying security resellers and professional end users with solutions for 15 years.

PBN-TEC’s story began over 25 years ago when the President of PBN-TEC; Rob Schroader, co-founded Paraben Corporation, a leading manufacturer of Digital Forensics Software and Training provider to Law Enforcement and Digital Forensics Investigators.

Up until 2008, Digital Forensics Investigation tools were only produced for Law Enforcement Agencies. Recognising the extreme growth in technology use prompted Mr. Schroader to begin developing tools for a wider market, providing access to Investigation Software’s for consumer use.

This success of the consumer products led to a new company being formed, Paraben Consumer Software, in 2015.

While the Paraben Consumer products were intended for all consumers, the markets that benefit most from Investigation software’s has always been firmly in the Professional Investigation channels. Over 800 PI Agencies use the Digital Investigation kits to perform digital investigations and extract valuable user data from devices including iPhone, Android OS, & Windows systems.

Day to day interactions with Investigators and Law Enforcement agencies has always been part of the daily to-do list for Paraben Consumer.

In 2016 we began identifying solutions which can solve some of the issues Investigators face with digital devices and this prompted us to introduce a range of professional audio recording solutions with long life battery performance and ease of use at the forefront of design.

The idea came to fruition as a result of a LE agency contact sharing their experiences when trying to record audio covertly, in a real-life environment, where there are no room for errors.

Since 2017 Paraben Consumer has been supplying the Investigative market with premium recording solutions with custom optimization & performance upgrades.

Our team assesses a products suitability based on Law Enforcement feedback, working closely with LE to understand how we can improve the performance and optimization of a product, so it has the capabilities an Investigator needs.

This development is all based on a framework that has become known as RTG – Ready to Go systems, providing users with everything they require to begin using their device immediately with maximum compatibility and ultra-reliable performance.

The continued growth of RTG systems and Digital Investigation Equipment prompted a discussion late 2020 on a new name for Paraben Consumer Software, a name which can be associated with both the hardware and software tools we carry in our range of professional solutions.

Finally, in 2023 we rebranded as PBN TEC.

PBN TEC is proud to serve the Investigative markets and we always value customer feedback, honesty, and fairness.

We look forward to working with you.