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MAP Pricing Policy

PBN-TEC has been building a brand of strong recognition and a high-perceived value since 2014.

To ensure our products’ brand and equity provide healthy and appealing long term reseller value that is fair for all, we maintain integrity using a MAP pricing strategy (Minimum Advertising Pricing).

Effective October 1, 2015, PBN-TEC requires a minimum advertised price (MAP) on all products manufactured & distributed by PBN-TEC to all of its valued supply chain partners (“Resellers”), divisions, affiliates or related entities.

The MAP will be supplied by PBN-TEC and described in a price list for all resellers and detailed clearly on our website

This pricing shall only be adjusted by PBN-TEC, at its sole discretion.


  1. To ensure global reseller relationships are consistent and value based.
  2. To maintain proper positioning of all PBN-TEC products in the marketplace.


  1. Resellers may advertise all PBN-TEC products at or above the MAP.
  2. A reseller shall not advertise PBN-TEC products for a price less than the MAP.
  3. The MAP will be conveyed to resellers in a price list on or before March 1st for products offered for that calendar year.

Updates will be provided throughout the year for new products.

All information will be updated and available on the PBN-TEC reseller website and relayed to resellers via email.

  1. The MAP policy applies to all advertising of PBN-TEC products in all media, including, without limitation, billboards, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, brochures, direct mail, retail flyers, television, radio, e-commerce, forums and dealer internet sites or any other method which uses the hypertext transfer protocol (“http” or “https”) or any internal link to a web based shopping cart shall be considered advertising for the purposes of this policy.
  2. PBN-TEC may occasionally suspend the MAP on product(s) for promotional or other purposes.

All resellers will be notified via the PBN-TEC reseller website, email or directly from their PBN-TEC representative.

  1. PBN-TEC reserves the right to adjust the MAP on any product at its sole discretion.

PBN-TEC will provide at least 30 days advanced electronic (email) notice to apply the changes equally to all resellers.

  1. The MAP policy applies to advertised prices.
  2. Intentional or repeated failure to comply with this policy will result in reseller price increase, shipment suspension, reseller suspension or reseller termination.
  3. Questions regarding planned advertising can be submitted to your PBN-TEC representative.
  4. Marketing support is available directly from the PBN-TEC marketing department.
  5. Resellers are encouraged to report MAP violations with a link to the violation, directly to: