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Cam-Vox 120 Wide Angle 1080P 128GB DVR – 9 Hours Continuous

MAP-PRICE: $229.00

Wide Angle Security video recorder with 120-degree field of view.

High performance Security Video recorder with 9 hours continuous recording and upto 25 Days Standby battery

1080P HD Video recording with advanced motion detector lens, detects motion through glass.

Advanced configuration software, record video with or without sound.

Time & Date stamping, flip detection and cyclic recording.

Small compact video recorder includes 128GB SD Card and OTG adapter.

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PBN-TEC adopt a strict MAP pricing policy

  • 9 Hours Continuous HD Video Recording
  • Wide Angle 120 Degree DVR
  • 25 Days Standby Battery
  • Motion Activated – Detects motion through Glass
  • 128GB Class 10 SD Card Included
  • Records with or without Sound
  • HD 1080P Compact Digital Video Recorder
  • Time & Date Stamping – Optional
  • Flip Detection – Automatic Orientation adjustment
  • OTG Support to View Videos on Phones or Tablets

Cam-Vox 120 (CV120) is a wide angle FOV DVR with 9 Hours of continuous recording on one charge and up to 25 Days Trigger motion Standby Time.

Records up to 9 hours continuously from one full charge or up to 25 Days Motion Trigger in Standby Mode. Industry leading performance with a range of enhanced features.

Users can configure the device using the special apps for Windows and Mac Computers.

Local P2P WIFI Preview – Connect locally to the device to view live footage or review video files. Connect via OTG or using App for iPhone or Android for Local P2P Preview.

Configure Time and Date Stamping and optional Audio capture – Users can select whether to apply a time stamp and adjust the Audio Mic to record sound or turn off sound.

Motion Detection through Glass – All Cam Vox systems can detect motion through glass, including a car windshield.

Low Light Camera – Camera is ideal for use in low light conditions such as a garage or a parking lot.

Cyclic Recording – Overwrites old files to continue recording.

Compact and Lightweight design – Very easy to conceal out of sight, tiny form factor. Measuring just 3.54″ x 2.3″ x 1.1 Inches

Built in Microphone with superb Audio capture quality.

Perfect for deploying where wired security cameras cannot be used.

Configuration Software

Windows App:

Mac App:

Configure the Following Settings:

  • Video Quality
  • Frame Rate
  • Lighting Condition (indoor/outdoor)
  • Camera Orientation
  • Timestamp
  • Circular Recording
  • Microphone (on/0ff)
  • LED Indicator (on/off)
  • Power Saving (Always On/Max Battery Life)
  • File Length in Minutes


Storage temperature 0 to 45degC (32 to 113degF)
Operating temperature 0 to 45degC (32 to 113degF)
Size 9 x 5.8 x 2.8 cm (3.54″ x 2.3″ x 1.1″)
Battery 2900mAh 3.7V Li-ion battery
Adapter 5V, 1000mA DC adapter (not included in package)
Current consumption 290mA
Recording time max 9 hours (with fully charged battery)
Standby time max 25 days (in motion trigger max battery mode with fully charged battery)
Motion detection range 4 to 7 meters (13 to 23 ft)
Sensor sensitivity 2000mV
Sensor viewing angle 120deg
Microphone speech grade
Memory card supported max 256GB microSD card – 128GB SD Card included
Memory usage 3GB / hour (video quality high)
2GB / hour (video quality medium)
1.5GB / hour (video quality low)
Video recording resolution Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Video compression mp4
Voice recording 32kSps, 32bit per sample
Voice compression AAC
File format mp4
USB Mass storage device
OS supported Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

User Groups & Pro-Tips

Cam Vox 120 is produced with professional users at the forefront of the products design and performance.

Ideal for Investigations and very useful for Vehicle based surveillance operations, the low light Camera can perform very well in low light conditions, coupled with the ability to detect motion through glass, makes the DVR very useful for vehicle-based surveillance where light conditions may not be optimal. The Cam Vox 120 version is slightly bigger than other Cam Vox systems and the unique feature of this device is its 120 Degree FOV.

The Tiny form factor of this device enables users to discreetly position the device to record without anyone noticing, the powerful battery ensures users can record for 9 hours continuously or upto 25 days in Trigger motion standby Mode.

The Cam-Vox solutions breakthrough technology usage is the reason why the Cam-Vox systems have such strong battery performance, engineers have designed the unit for long term use and achieved performance using the following technical adjustments: Sensor operates through Pixel Change detection which operates on low power to capture image which then runs through a Motion detection algorithm on a low power MCU.

The total current consumption is 3.6mA. With the 2400mAh battery in Cam Vox Systems, producing a Trigger Motion standby for upto 25 days.

Important to note:

Performance of the battery is based on usage, below is an example of the performance stats based on usage:

If Cam-Vox has been in standby mode for 12.5 days using its own internal battery, the continuous recording time on the device without a recharge would only be for max 4.5 hours, as half of the internal battery would have been

consumed during the standby time of 12.5 days prior to recording.

Configuration Information: 

Cam Vox systems are supplied with free software which can be used on both Windows or Mac computers to configure the devices settings:

Users can configure a range of settings, detailed below.

  • Synchronize: Date and Time
  • Video Quality: High, Medium, Low
  • Brightness conditions: 50Hz, 60Hz,
  • Orientation: Normal, Downward
  • Date and Time Stamping: On, Off
  • Cyclic Recording: On / Off
  • Video Recording Time: 10, 15, 20 minutes
  • Microphone: On / Off
  • Visible LED recording indicator: On / Off
  • Motion Detection Sensitivity: High, Medium, Low, Disabled
  • Power Options: Normal Use / Low Power Consumption

Requirements & FAQ



Does this have Time & Date Stamping?


Does this device record sound?

Yes but users can deactivate or activate sound on all Video recording.

Why is a name on the device called Zetta?

The Cam Vox Systems are procured from Zetta system developers on an exclusive basis, the systems use custom component builds with LE and Investigator needs at the forefront of the design,  with a star light camera sensor, gapless file saving and each Cam Vox devices ability to detect motion through glass provides users with the most advanced DVR solutions with the best battery performance stats available.

The housings procured for containment of the long life batteries are Zetta system housings and the battery packs are custom Zetta technology which Cam Vox systems are powered by.

What Size SD Card do I need to use?

A Class 10 SD card works best for HD Video recording, a 128GB class 10 SD card is included with this Cam Vox System.

What is the Field of View of this Camera?

120 Degrees

More Questions?

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CV-120 Datasheet