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Cam Vox DVR’s – 9 Hours Continuous upto 25 Days Standby 1080P

Cam Vox DVR's - 9 Hours Continuous upto 25 Days Standby 1080P


Cam Vox Cameras by PBN-TEC were introduced to the Law Enforcement and Investigations market in 2022.

Our aim was to introduce a range of Video recording devices which provided excellent long term recording capabilities.

Cam Vox solutions are currently a range of 4 different systems built for various uses by LE and Investigators.

Each system is built with the same solid performance, the idea of Cam Vox was excellent video recording capabilities combined with long term deployment at the center of design.

There are currently 4 Cam Vox Solutions and each one is built for a different need. All Cam Vox Solutions boast impressive performance stats that set them apart from many other Digital Video recording devices in the market.

Unrivalled Performance

All Cam Vox Video Recorders can record for upto 25 days on one charge.

All CV systems record upto 25 days based on the devices being in motion detection mode.

Continuous recording performance is premium on the CV solutions.

Cam Vox Solutions can record for 9 hours continuously on one charge.

Each Cam Vox solution comes supplied with a 128GB Class 10 SD Card and every Cam Vox device records in 1080P Video.

Model Variations


PBN CV-72-I (Internal)


PBN-CV120 (Wide Angle)


PBN-CV-72-E (External)


PBN-CVPF (Photoframe)

Cam Vox Video recorders are currently a range of 4 systems designed for different uses.

Each system is built for a specific type of use, read more on model variations below:


Cam Vox 120 Wide Angle Digital Video Recorder

CV-120 is an excellent video recorder which captures high definition video with an wide angle field of view.

The wide angle angle recording has proven very effective inside a vehicle.

Investigators and process servers use the CV-120 for long term unmanned deployments

CV-120 is also very useful for capturing evidence of car vandalism, easily mount the device inside a vehicle, the special lens can capture motion through glass, ideal for collecting evidence.

Cam Vox 72-Internal - Handheld Tiny Portable Digital Video Recorder

The CV-72 Internal seems to be the most popular choice of all models.

This is maybe due to its versatility, small enough to carry, extremely easy to coneal.

CV-72-Internal has a standard 72 degree field of view.


Cam Vox 72-External - Ribbon Lens Digital Video Recorder

If you like building your own nanny cameras or other types of concealed camera kits, the CV-72 External is perfect.

Using the 3.9 inch ribbon Lens, users can position their camera easily and conceal it inside all kinds of objects.

Cam Vox Photo Frame

The Photo frame is a great solution for home monitoring and is extremely easy to position and deploy.

The Photo frame is a free standing wooden frame which stands upright and is easy to position anywhere, facing outside, guarding a specific space in your home or office.

The Cam Vox Photo frame also has a completely invisible lens, the glass protecting the lens is one way glass.


How can the Cam Vox Photo Frame operate in Motion Detection mode behind Glass?

image(78) copy

The Photoframe lens is hidden behind one way glass and the motion sensor works through the glass and makes the lens invisible.

All Cam Vox solutions have the ability to detect motion through glass.

Each device has a motion detection range of between 4-7 metres.

Cam Vox video recorders are ideal for home, office and vehicle use.


P2P Local WIFI Preview
Users can connect direct to the Cam Vox solutions using the internal access point which can allow a user to connect to the device upto 10 metres away, this connectivity uses local WIFI preview.

Ideal for reviewing footage whilst the device is located somewhere you want to keep it.

OTG Connectivity
Users can also use the supplied OTG adapter which works for iPhone and all Android devices, directly connect to the device to review footage through your phone.

View Offload Through PC/MAC
If you want to connect to a computer, use the supplied usb cable and easily offload footage by connecting to either a PC or Mac.

Other great features on all Cam Vox Video Recorders?

Cam Vox is packed with lots of neat features, use the free software to adjust all types of features and configure time and date stamping.

This range of systems also have cyclic recording, over writing oldest files to make room for new footage.

Need Audio on your Video?
All cam vox solutions can record crystal clear audio, users can elect to record with or without sound.

All Cam Vox Video Recorders come supplied with a 128GB Class 10 SD Card


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