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Browsing Anonymously 2023 – The Most Secure Anonymous Web Browsing Method

Browsing Anonymously 2023 - The Most Secure Anonymous Web Browsing Method


Privacy Online is virtually impossible in today’s digitally driven world.

Many of the major Internet browsers provide privacy-based options but most, if not all, have strings attached.

Many browsers and secure VPN claim to provide total privacy.

Unfortunately, just not to the extent most people need when you really need Privacy.

Read more to understand how anyone can achieve total privacy online.

This 45 second video below is a great example of the strings all major browsers apply to their Privacy Browsing Policies

How to become totally Anonymous online?


If your number one aim is Total Privacy, use the same systems many governments have been using for over 20 years.

TOR – The Onion Router is the web browser that was built by the US Navy to ensure total Privacy online.

TOR is so private it is also the space used by criminal gangs and other nefarious characters, all over the world.

In between Government agencies that use Tor and the criminal elements mentioned, plenty of professionals use Tor for legitimate reasons.

One user group that relies on Tor are Investigative Journalists, TOR has provided the security many Journalists require when researching subject matters and also keeping their story under wraps.

Besides journalists, there are many professionals who require anonymous browsing online.

Almost everyone at some point requires the ability to perform a search that no one else can track.


How do you access Tor?

One issue with TOR has always been the need to download the application to the computer, this then creates a security flaw, as anyone accessing the computer could see you use Tor.
TOR can also be tracked by an ISP if downloaded to a computer.
The solution to this is to have TOR on a USB drive, for those of us old enough, you may remember a show called Mr Robot who would launch his hacking tools from a USB drive.

Normally such drives have a host of applications to ensure a hackers privacy is kept intact, Tor browser being inside every hackers toolbox.

It sounds easy enough, download the Tor to a USB drive, right?

Unfortunately you need to be a bit more technically advanced to run Tor from a USB drive corectly.

Security and anonymity being the most important requirements, you need the Tor browser to be able to launch from your USB from inside a computer without the actual computer creating an event log.

Thankfully there is a solution which can work for everyone without needing to learn how to secure the Tor browser, just like Mr Robot’s USB drive.

The Cloakey portable privacy browser is packed with useful tools to keep you safe online.


Included with the most secure privacy browser are other useful privacy and
security applications:

Contents of Cloakey Portable Privacy browser:

  • Secure bootable TOR
  • Firefox Browser
  • Bit Defender instant Encryption Tools
  • Password Manager
  • 32GB of USB Storage Space

About Cloakey Privacy USB

The Cloakey Portable Online Privacy USB is a small, portable device that plugs into your computer’s USB port to help protect your online privacy.

Developed by a team of Ethical hackers, this tool provides anyone with instant anonymous access to the Tor browser without downloading anything or worrying about the security of your browsing.

It works by creating a secure and encrypted connection between your computer and the internet, making it more difficult for hackers, cybercriminals, and other third parties to access your personal information and ensuring no browsers can track your activity and even your Internet Service Provider will not be able to detect the usage.

More secure than a VPN, once you shut down your browser pageon Cloakey TOR your viewing activities are untraceable.

Take Cloakey wherever you go, attaches to your keys for instant access anywhere.


Click the link below to purchase Cloakey from a NA Authorized Reseller