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Complete Digital Investigation Kit – Unlimited Use

MAP-PRICE: $695.00

The Digital Investigation Kit provides investigators with a range of digital tools for investigating data.

Extract and examine data from all types of digital devices including iPhone, Android and Windows Operating systems.

Deploy software to clone Photos and Videos held on virtually any device.

All data extraction and duplication tools inside the Digital Investigation kit leave no trace on the target device.

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PBN-TEC adopt a strict MAP pricing policy

The complete Digital Investigation Kit (PBN-DIK) provides users with a range of Investigation Software which has been widely used by Law Enforcement Agencies since the introduction of Digital Forensics in the last 20 years.

Use trusted tools to perform data extractions from popular devices including iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Windows based systems.

PBN-DIK provides Investigators with multiple opportunities to put the tools to work across a range of Digital Investigations.

See the table below to see examples of each tools use:

Investigation Tools and Accessories Investigative Uses
iRecovery Stick for iPhone Extract & Investigate Data Sets from i-devices including iPhone & iPad
Phone Recovery Stick for Android Extract & Investigate Data Sets from Android based Phones & Tablets
Sim Card Seizure Extract and Examine Data Sets from all types of SIM Cards
Data Recovery Stick for Windows OS Recover Deleted Files from any Windows OS
Porn Detection Stick for Windows OS Process Digital Devices for illicit Content
Capturra Action Drive 1TB Automatically Duplicate Photo & Video Content from virtually any device. Dual Function – Use for Case File Creations
Voice logger for Windows OS Install Covert Audio Remote Monitoring Application onto any Windows OS
Multiple Cables for Cellphone connectivity Cables including iPhone, USB-C & Micro USB
Sim Card Adapter for Sim Card Seizure Sim Card Adapter and Filing tool ensures you can process any size of Sim Card
Softshell compartmentalized protection case Compartmentalized Safe Storage of all Solutions inside the Softshell Kit

User Groups & Pro-Tips

Digital Investigation Software was originally built for Law Enforcement to help solve crimes. Continued exponential growth of Technology and IOT has widened the net for Digital Investigation Software and increased usage to more and more user groups:

  • Investigation Agencies – The Investigation Industry benefits most from the PBN-DIK due to be continued unlimited use and free updates for life provided with all tools inside the kit.

The ability to take a case into a digital sphere and uncover new lines of inquiry is an option no PI Agency can overlook, Cell Phones and Digital devices contain more pedigree information and user behaviour data inside them, than a person’s home.

  • Corporations & Organizations – Digital devices vulnerability and usage are dependent on the user, IT Security staff across all types of organizations regularly use Digital Investigation Software for all types of auditing.

Investigating digital devices using the PBN-DIK can be used in all types of Internal Investigations including Human Resources, IT Vulnerability assessments, Employee Investigations, Data Loss and Information Leakage investigations.

  • Educational Training – Many Education courses ranging from Justice & Law to IT Security provide modules on Digital Investigation Software, the tools inside the kit provide a strong foundation for Digital investigations and demonstrate multiple methods used by Investigators to acquire and investigate pedigree information.

The PBN-DIK is widely used by over 800 investigation agencies worldwide, the tools have helped acquire information for thousands of cases, along the way we have adapted the kit to be in line with modern usage, below are some important tips that our users have adopted to access as much information as possible, from a digital device.

  • Processing any type of Smartphone – iPhone or Android 

Our kit includes extraction software for both iPhone & Android data acquisitions, whilst this data is extremely useful, we have identified a method to capture more image and video data.

Apps or Applications, and cloud storage on smartphones has changed the image and video directories. Image and video directories have been spread across the device, once upon a time all images and videos were in one place, now this content is spread across a device and accessibility of that content may also be dependent on the Apps permissions.

Capturra 1TB Drive is included in the PBN-DIK, this drive has a 1TB internal memory and inside the drive is the Capturra duplication software, this is the most effective tool for processing images and videos from smartphones, due to the way they store images and videos.

Users can connect Capturra and the target phone to a Windows computer and automatically duplicate all images and videos on the device, this process is completely automatic and once the duplication is complete, a file will be saved automatically on the Capturra 1TB drive which will contain all images and videos acquired from the target device.

Users can then use software for iPhone & Android inside the kit, to process all other types of data from a smart phone.

Make your Cases Mobile

  • By default, when processing a smartphone, the acquired data will be downloaded to the local drive on the computer you are using to process the phone, in order to access the data and examine the phones contents, users must have the USB drive for the software plugged into the computer, this method ensures only the intended party can access the data.

We recommend due to the size of the data sets acquired from a smartphone, users change the default location from the local drive and save it directly to the 1TB Capturra drive included in the kit.

Adopting this method ensures your Laptop does not slow down, overcomes any issues with only being able to access the content from one computer in one location and is a more secure method for your investigations.

Capturra 1TB – Multiple Use System

Capturra is designed for capturing images and videos automatically, for an Investigator this can prove very useful in several ways.

  • Investigations

Perform Targeted analysis as a service, use Capturra to process virtually any digital device, ideal for computers, smartphones and many other digital devices, automatic duplication of a target device in an easy to view folder, saved directly onto the 1TB Capturra Drive. Enough space for over 200k Images and over 100 hours of Video content.

The automatic method saves countless man hours and can be easily deployed anywhere on all types of devices including iPhone, Android, Windows & Mac Computers

Capturra for Evidence Archiving

  • Investigators use Capturra as a storage system and the automated method  used to archive data ensures users can automatically offload tools such as surveillance devices and SD Cards, directly onto Capturra, just connect Capturra and plug in the target device to the computer and offload your footage directly onto the Capturra drive, automatically.

Requirements & FAQ


Sim Card Seizure:

  • SMS must be stored to SIM card for recovery to work.
  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 & 11
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space

iRecovery Stick for iPhone

  • Works on iPhones, iPads, and iTouch devices running iOS 16.x and below
  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 & 11
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Compatible Data Cable Required

Phone Recovery Stick for Android

  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 & 11
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Compatible Data Cable Required

Data Recovery Stick

  • Works on any storage media formatted as FAT or NTFS
  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 & 11
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Compatible Media Reader

Porn Detection Stick

  • Works on any storage media formatted as FAT or NTFS
  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 & 11
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space

Voice Logger for Windows

  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • USB Port
  • Windows Compatible Sound Card
  • .Net Framework version 4.6.1
  • Internet Connection for Some Features

Capturra Action Drive 1TB

  • The Capturra Action Drive works on Windows 7, 8, or 10 & 11 as well as Mac OS 10.12 or newer. For Apple iOS and Android devices, you must connect the devices to a computer using a data cable and use the Windows or Mac app to backup. For surveillance equipment, you can connect the device or data storage to the computer to gather and back up files.


Can I use these software’s on as many phones as I need?

Yes, users can use the tools inside the PBN-DIK, on as many devices as you wish.

Do I need the pass code for phones I wish to examine, using the phone tools inside the PBN-DIK?

If a device has a pass code or pattern lock, users need to know the pin code/ pattern lock code to access the device.

If a Sim Card has a pass code, users need to know the code to examine the SIM Card

How long does the subscription last?

Users can use the tools inside the PBN-DIK for as long as they need providing, they update their devices using the onboard updater, at least once every 12 months, failure to update a tool will mean your device will not have access to the latest updates and may not work correctly.

How can I learn more about each tool inside this kit?

Review the individual product pages for each tool inside the PBN-DIK.

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Digital Investigation Kit 2 Minute Explainer: