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Wearable Video Kit

MAP-PRICE: $395.00

  • Wearable Video & Audio Recorders
  • Ideal for Close Up Surveillance
  • Record Instances such as Process Serving assignments.
  • 720P HD Video paired with Excellent Audio
  • Premium Video Capture Solutions
  • Time & Date Stamping
  • Supplied with Hardshell protective case
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The Wearable Video Kit comprises of two of the most popular wearable video recording solutions used by Professionals such as Process Servers.

Both solutions inside the kit are excellent video recorders in close up situations where the user can easily attach the device to their clothing and perform HD Video.

Much more discreet than a traditional bodycam the solutions are extremely discreet and allow users to perform discreet close-up recording.

Both solutions inside the WVK are 720P HD Video, both solutions also record premium quality audio alongside HD Video.

Each solution can be configured to record in TDS (Time & Date Stamp) format.

There are two wearable video solutions inside the Wearable Video Kit and both solutions come supplied with a 128GB SD Card and OTG connectivity adapter.

Users can offload the footage by connecting either device to a PC/MAC computer, in addition users can use the OTG adapter to connect the device directly to any iPhone or Android and review footage on the go.

Motion Detection

Both devices have motion sensor activation option, allowing users to leave the devices in a location and record when motion is detected.

Swivel Lens

The PROCAM-U720P has a rotating swivel lens which rotates upto 90 degrees.

Investigation Kits for Professional Use

The Kit format of the two Video recording solutions are as a result of extensive use by Professional Investigators and feedback from the Investigative community.

Used by Investigative teams, the kit has helped record many Investigative assignments and both solutions are widely used during the investigators who need to record assignments such as Process serving.

User Groups & Pro-Tips

The Wearable Video Kit combines two of the most reliable close encounter discreet video recording devices in the PBN-TEC range.

Ideal tools for investigators such as Process Servers who want a discreet HD Video recorder with excellent audio for capturing serve interactions.

Ideal tools for Loss Prevention officers who want to discreetly record events in work places where a traditional bodycam may arouse suspicion.

Perfect for Mystery Shopping surveyors, capture the events whilst also recording crystal clear audio.

Both devices inside the WVK contain 720HD Video recorders which can be easily attached to clothing, both systems capture quality video and audio.

Requirements & FAQ


  • Video Recording Pen and Swivel Lens USB DVR are both PC/MAC Compatible.
  • To set Time & Date Stamp, this can only be done using the onboard software inside each product, on a Windows PC.
  • Both devices are supplied with OTG adapters, allowing users to review. Offload footage using any iPhone/iPad/Android Phone or Smartphone
  • Users can also connect devices to any PC/MAC to review footage.
  • Both devices are supplied with a Class 10 128GB SD Card


Do these devices have Time & Date Stamping?


Do these devices have Motion Activation?


Do I need to buy an SD Card for these devices?

No, each device comes supplied with a 128GB SD Card