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Complete Audio Surveillance Kit

MAP-PRICE: $649.00

  • Professional Audio Surveillance Kit
  • Interview, Covert & Tactical Audio Solutions
  • Audio Solution Kit for Professional Investigators
  • All Solutions feature Time & Date File Stamping
  • Password Protected Interview Recorder
  • Tiny Covert USB Audio Recorder with 25 Days Standby
  • Powerbank Audio Recorder with 576 hours of storage
  • Black Vox Internal Mic Audio Recorder
  • Pick n pluck Peli Case for secure, waterproof storage & transport
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PBN-TEC adopt a strict MAP pricing policy

The Audio Surveillance Kit features the four most popular audio recorders used by Private Investigators.

Audio recording solutions built for a variety of needs, Tactical, Covert & Interview based audio recording solutions.

Each tool inside the Audio Surveillance Kit can be used to perform different types of Audio surveillance, below is a list of each item and their specific Investigative use.



This is the most versatile audio recorder in the kit, commonly described as Dictaphone, this device can store upto 1040 hours of audio and record in 4 different stereo modes including PCM.

The standout feature on this audio recorder is the ability to Password Protect the files.

Small enough to carry, users can perform recorded discussions with this device in overt or covert mode, use the included lapel microphone to discreetly record audio.

Users can thread the lapel microphone on their person to obscure visibility and record covertly.

Also included is a landline recording kit which allows users to record both ways of an landline telephone conversation.



Small USB Audio recorder with voice activation and upto 25 days standby battery.

Dual use product which functions as both an 8GB USB drive and a covert audio recorder.

Fast Charge via USB Terminal

PC & MAC compatible with OTG adapter included for direct connect and listen via any iPhone or Android phone/tablet.



Powerful covert audio recorder which functions as a Powerbank with a covert audio recorder built inside with upto 576 hours of audio storage on board (16GB)

3 Modes of Operation, Scheduled, sound activation & Continuous recording modes.

PC & MAC compatible with OTG adapter included for direct connect and listen via any iPhone or Android phone/tablet.



Black Vox Internal Mic Audio recorder with 160 days of standby battery and over 160 hours of continuous recording on one charge.

Ideal for long term audio surveillance, Black Vox records in sound activated mode only.


A Range of tools that have delivered time and time again in Investigations

Used by Law Enforcement and Investigators, premium solutions for a wide variety of investigative needs.

PC & MAC compatible with OTG adapter included for direct connect and listen via any iPhone or Android phone/tablet.

The complete audio surveillance Kit, ideal for agencies and Investigator team use.

All systems have the same onboard software for configuring time and date stamp and adjusting mic sensitivity.

Once an investigator is trained to configure one device, they are trained on all of the Kit device’s configuration settings.

All Audio recorders are PC & MAC compatible.


User Groups & Pro-Tips

Each tool inside the Audio Surveillance Kit has been selected based on Professional Feedback from Investigators.

The kit is put together to accommodate virtually every type of scenario an investigator may face during their day to day needs where capturing audio is concerned.

Each tool whilst different in appearance, has the same premium quality microphone paired with the same mic sensitivity adjustment software.

Once you are trained to configure one tool inside the Audio surveillance kit, you will know how to configure all tools inside the kit.

The only solution which requires a bit more hands on learning inside this kit is the Interview recorder by CENIX.

The CENIX device has Password protection and a range of functions which make it ideal for all types of recording scenarios.

Requirements & FAQ


  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 & 11 & Mac
  • Media player app on phone or computer to play *.MP3 files
  • OTG Adapters allow users to connect direct to iPhone & Listen to audio files


Can this devices microphone be adjusted for sensitivity?

Yes, using the onboard software, users can adjust mic sensitivity.

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