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Voice Activated PCM Audio Recording Watch w/ 33 Hours Recording Time

MAP-PRICE: $134.95

Ultra Covert Audio Recorder watch, designed to look like a fitness watch.

Premium Audio capture with 4 recording modes including PCM.

Upto 33 hours continuous recording with continuous and sound activated mode.

Users can also schedule recordings, offload audio using the hidden USB input, works with PC & MAC.

Extremely useful for close encounter recording, no LED lights on the device, completely covert.

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8GB Wristwatch PCM Voice Recorder made in Korea.

This waterproof voice recorder is designed to look like a regular modern smart watch.

Advanced features on this device include voice activated Recording and adjustable mic sensitivity.

Record for upto 33 hours continuously, 5 sound recording modes including PCM, XHQ, HQ, SP & LP.

Record using manual activation, sound activation or scheduled recording.

The watch strap and watch can easily be removed form each other, once removed users can access hidden USB port.

Insert the Watch into any PC or Mac using the USB input to listen and offload audio files.

Users can also configure time and date stamp settings on the watch and adjust multiple operation modes on the device using the onboard software.

Adjust the Mic Sensitivity, Sound recording mode and activate SVOS settings using the onboard adjustment tool.


  • 0.96″ OLED display
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Built in 8GB of memory.
  • Recorded sound quality modes: PCM, XHQ, HQ, SP, LP
  • 27 hours of recording time in PCM and XHQ mode; 33 hours of recording time in HQ, SP, LP mode
  • Voice Activated, Manual Activation and Scheduled Recording Modes


  • Watch
  • Watch strap
  • English Manual

User Groups & Pro-Tips

The PCM Audio Watch is ideal for professional and personal use.

The Premium microphone inside the watch records crystal clear sounds, as a wearable device it is the perfect option for covert close range audio recording. Used by professionals across many industries including:

Journalists and Reporters:

Journalists and reporters often need to gather information discreetly, especially in sensitive or high-risk situations.
A covert audio recorder watch can provide a convenient and inconspicuous way to record interviews or conversations.

Private Investigators:

Private investigators may use covert recording devices to gather evidence in various cases.
A watch with an integrated audio recorder could be a valuable tool for discreetly capturing conversations during surveillance operations.

Undercover Law Enforcement:

Undercover law enforcement officers may find a covert audio recorder watch useful for gathering evidence during covert operations or undercover work.
It can provide an inconspicuous means of recording interactions with suspects.

Security Personnel:

Security personnel in a variety of industries, such as event security, retail, or corporate security, might find a covert audio recorder watch beneficial for documenting incidents or suspicious activities without drawing attention.

Business Professionals:

Executives, negotiators, and professionals in corporate environments may use a covert audio recorder watch to discreetly capture important meetings, negotiations, or conversations for future reference.

Researchers and Ethnographers:

Researchers conducting field studies or ethnographic research might use a covert audio recorder watch to document conversations or interactions in a natural setting without altering the behavior of participants.

Students (Educational Purposes):

In educational settings, students conducting interviews for projects or research might find a covert audio recorder watch useful for capturing audio in a discreet manner.

Personal Security and Safety:

Individuals concerned about their personal safety may use a covert audio recorder watch as a precautionary measure to record interactions in potentially risky situations, providing a record of events.

Historians and Archivists:

Historians or archivists working to document oral history or capture important conversations for preservation may find a covert audio recorder watch a useful tool.

Tour Guides and Interpreters:

Tour guides or interpreters may use a covert audio recorder watch to capture and review interactions with groups or individuals, helping to improve their presentation or interpretation skills.

Requirements & FAQ


  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 & 11 & Mac
  • Media player app on phone or computer to play *.MP3 files


Can this devices microphone be adjusted for sensitivity?

Yes, using the onboard software, users can adjust mic sensitivity.

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