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Phone Recovery Stick for Android OS


Extract and Examine data from any Android smartphone or tablet.

Compatible with all Android devices.

Access content that is not displayed on an Android OS.

Search the content using key word search.

Bookmark and export functions

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Trusted by Hundreds of clients domestically and internationally.


What you need when you need it.


Support hours:

Monday to Friday


Orders received by 1PM MST go out the same day for all US clients.

All Orders ship from our Head Office location in Draper, Utah


PBN-TEC adopt a strict MAP pricing policy

  • Investigate any Android IS Phone or Tablet
  • SEARCH – Use the Search Function to find data through Keywords & Symbols
  • Discover hidden content which cannot be seen through an Android device
  • Reveal all Images, PRS can also reveal all images hidden using dozens of photo hiding apps
  • Bookmark important data, download and export evidence.

User Groups & Pro-Tips

Phone Recovery Stick for Android, launched in 2009, has been a star performer for the Investigative industry for many years and continues to provide extensive data extraction reports which has helped solve thousands of cases.

The Phone Recovery Stick for Android has been continually updated for the last 14 years, compatible with all Android Phones OS 8 and above.

Phone Recovery Stick for Android has transformed its reporting functionalities to be in line with modern technology updates, as technology develops the Phone Recovery Stick has been constantly updated with the aim of providing as much data from a cell phone as possible.

Applications data extractions on the Phone Recovery Stick for Android provide the most unique insight into a specific data extraction from a device, applications on an Android Phone are normally unique to the user’s preferences and apps found on one device can report all types of information including location, messages, photos, videos and contacts.

As applications (Apps) are normally downloaded by the phone user to the Phone, due to the number of apps and different data apps have access to (permissions) the reporting of this data can lead to a lot of different data being extracted.

From an investigative standpoint, the Phone Recovery Stick for Android provides an Investigator with a lot of rabbit holes and due to the reliance on smart phones, pedigree information can always be found once a data extraction has been processed off the target device.


User Groups

Phone Recovery Stick for Android is also widely used by many individuals and organizations for many reasons:


DOC – Department of Corrections 

Use the tools to process phones for their own inhouse investigations, this reduces processing time, most DOC rely on outside associates such as the Police, to process their phones.

Universities & Colleges 

Over 100 Universities and Colleges use the iRecovery stick across many different subjects, to demonstrate how a phone is investigated forensically and for IT Vulnerability assessment and research.


Many Android Phone users seek to learn about the device they use, to understand the depth of information that is collected about them on their devices.

Parents and Guardians

Continually being able to extract a child’s phone to ensure child is using the device sensible and keep track of the phones activities and applications installed.

Security Professionals 

Security professionals remain one of the biggest user groups for software investigation tools for cell phones.

Requirements & FAQ


  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 & 11
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Compatible Data Cable Required


Can I use the software on as many phones as I need?

Yes. The Phone Recovery Stick has unlimited uses. You can recover from as many phones as often as you like.

How long does the subscription last?

Users can use the PBN-PRS for as long as they need providing, they update their devices using the onboard updater, at least once every 12 months, failure to update a tool will mean your device will not have access to the latest updates and may not work correctly.

Do I need the passcode to do a recovery?

Yes, you need to have full access to the phone to change phone settings.

Do I need to root the phone?

You can download most onboard user data without rooting the phone.

You must root the phone to get any deleted data.

You will get much more user data if the phone is rooted.

How do I root the phone?

Due to liability issues, we cannot root your phone for you. Here is a video that offer one way to root Android phones:

How do I change my settings to be able to perform a recovery?

Android phones can have slightly different interfaces depending on the manufacturer. However, they generally have similar settings. Please watch this video on how to change the settings on your phone:

I receive an error that says “Internal error during communication with device”. Why?

The process can be complex. Please watch this video on how to complete a recovery:

I get a message about pirated software when running the Phone Recovery app. Why?

This can happen if you do not turn off anti-virus before using the Phone Recovery Stick or some files on the stick are altered. If you get this message, try running the offline backup tool.

Offline Updater:

Offline Updater Instructional Video:

I accidentally reformatted the drive or deleted the Phone Recovery app. What do I do now?

You will need to run the offline updater to try to restore you stick:

Offline Updater:

Offline Updater Instructional Video:

More Questions?

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Changing Android Settings to Work with the Phone Recovery Stick


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