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MAP-PRICE: $2095.00

  • Event Logging & Live Sweeping in One
  • Lens Detection Finder
  • Compact & Powerful TSCM Kit
  • Built in Spectrum Analyzer
  • Frequency Meter
  • Pick n Pluck Peli Protection Case
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Monday to Friday


Orders received by 1PM MST go out the same day for all US clients.

All Orders ship from our Head Office location in Draper, Utah


PBN-TEC adopt a strict MAP pricing policy

  • Perform all types of TSCM Sweeps
  • Professional Level Tools with Ease of Use
  • Compact and Portable Solutions
  • Used by PRO TSCM Teams
  • Detects the latest 5G Signals
  • Pick n Pluck Peli Protection and Transport Case


A range of TSCM solutions with the functionality and performance to handle most types of TSCM Bug Sweeps.

The TSCM Kit PRO is ideal for TSCM Operatives at every point of their TSCM Journey.

Many TSCM Operatives develop their skills and equipment over time, beginning by providing basic sweeps, gradually building up their skills, knowledge, and equipment.

The difference between equipment is vast, some of the most high-end systems require expensive training course to fully understand how to use advanced functionality TSCM systems.

The TSCM Kit PRO is an advanced system which has proven to be effective for TSCM Operatives at every level.


The solutions inside the kit provide users with the ability to perform the following types of TSCM Sweeps:


Live RF Activity Scanning

Users can perform live sweeping of a location using the BH04 PRO, scan areas for frequencies ranging from 0.10 MHz upto 8000 MHz

Detect all types of frequencies including: 2G/3G/4G/5G – Every type of Mobile Operator signal.

Detect WIFI, DECT, Bluetooth, WLAN & GPS Signals.


Home in on Specific Signals using Background Subtraction

Users can easily isolate signals using the BH04 PRO using the background subtraction function.

Adjust the device to ignore specific signals that may be operating in the vicinity.


Dive Deeper into Signals using the Spectrum Analyzer Function

The onboard Spectrum Analyzer allows user to inspect specific signals more closely, understanding the power of the signal.


Perform advanced Event logging on high value locations to detect burst signals

Utilize the Event Logging functionality to learn about the locations RF environment for longer periods.

Modern eaves dropping threats use burst transmission, this allows an unauthorized eaves dropping threat to become more difficult to detect.

Burst transmissions can only be electronically detected when they are active, such devices are often configured to transmit data at irregular hours.

Performing prolonged event logging can help identify burst signals, the BH04 PRO can record RF activities around the clock, users can generate a PDF report and view all RF Activities.


User Friendly System with advanced features

The BH04 PRO is a user-friendly system which many veteran TSCM operatives include in their TSCM tool box, TSCM professionals with relevant experience can immediately understand the system and no training is required for experienced operatives.

New TSCM Operatives can easily perform Live scanning bug sweeping tasks using BH04 PRO, understanding how to get the most from functions such as background subtraction and Event logging will rely on an operatives understanding of the importance of isolating RF signals and being able to identify anomalies within a RF Activity report.


Hidden Camera Detection

Detecting a hidden camera lens using an RF detector can be an effective solution if the Hidden camera is functioning whilst the sweep is being conducted.

A more efficient method of sweeping for hidden cameras is to use a Lens detection system, the Spy Finder Pro lens detection system is a small portable Lens detection system, used solely for detecting hidden camera lenses.

Detect Hidden cameras upto 45 Feet away, this method allows an operative to detect hidden cameras regardless of whether they are on or off.

Scanning the room using the Spy finder Pro will create a reflective indication on the device once a lens is detected.


Two Tools, One Kit – built for Personal & Corporate TSCM Sweeps

The advanced functions and competitive pricing of the TSCM kit makes it an ideal kit for many Professional Investigators.

User Groups & Pro-Tips

User Groups

A great kit for new TSCM operatives but equally useful for veteran operatives where a full scope of kit is not an option.

Easily transport the TSCM Kit across borders, overcoming any potential issues some systems may have when being transported across borders.

Deploy an Event logging system into a client’s premises for pre-sweep analysis, this can be performed unmanned due to the relative low cost of the event logging system when compared with other event logging systems.


  • BH04 PRO TSCM Event logging Detector 0.10-8 MHz
  • Spyfinder PRO Hidden Lens Detector
  • 1 x Charge/Connection Cable (BH04 PRO)
  • 2 X AAA Batteries (Spyfinder Pro)
  • 1 x Mini Screwdriver (Battery replacement – Spy finder)
  • 1 x Peli Case – Waterproof, Dust Protection & Lockable

Requirements & FAQ


  • BH04 PRO
  • Charge device fully prior to use.
  • Maximum Working Time in Protection Mode on one Charge – 48 Hours
  • To perform prolonged Event Logging of a location, connect the device to mains power.
  • Search (Live Scan) operate device for upto 10 hours in one charge.
  • View Activity Logs generated from Event Logging by plugging the device into any PC/MAC/Linux, Reports autogenerate.
  • Spy Finder PRO
  • 2 x AAA Batteries – Included Small Screwdriver for Battery Replacement


Can the TSCM Detector detect 5G Signals?

Yes, anything upto 8GHz, 5G operates inside the 5GHz frequency range.

Does the lens detector only Detect spy cameras that are active?

No, users can use the TSCM Detector to detect an active spy camera but to find a non active detector, use the lens detector by sweeping the room with the lens finder

How Long can the TSCM Detector be used on a full charge?

This depends on the amount of work the device is doing, typically the device can last for 8 hours during a TSCM sweep.

I need to perform pre-sweep analysis for one-three days on a specific location, how do I do this?

Connect the BH04 PRO TSCM Detector to power, go to the Protection Mode Function to begin recording RF Signals.